Red Burgundy Okra

Red Burgundy Okra


75-80 days. In our trials, this was the most productive red okra we grew. Even in our less-than-ideal okra growing conditions, Red Burgundy produced several tender, 5-7 inch red pods. The plants were quite attractive too, with green leaves that contrast beautifully with the burgundy colored stems and midribs. Plants grow 3-4 feet tall.

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Approximately 14-17 seeds per gram.
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Seed DepthSeed SpacingSoil Temp for Germ.Days to Germ.Thin Plants To Approximately 14-17 seeds per gram.
1/2″1 per pot70-90°F7-1512-18″

Abelmoschus esculentus: Okra is an indispensable ingredient in many soups, gumbos, and stew recipes. The immature pods contribute unique flavor and consistency to ethnic dishes like Cajun gumbo. New quick-to-mature varieties make okra a great addition to the short season garden.
CULTURE: Okra is a tender annual that grows best in hot weather. Seed can be directly sown once the soil warms, or started indoors 3-5 weeks prior to your last frost for earlier crops. Sow into 3-inch pots and keep evenly moist. Soaking the seed in warm (110°F) water for 2 hours may help to soften the hard seed coat and hasten germination. Transplant out after the danger of frost, maintaining rows 36 inches apart. Incorporate 1/2 cup of our complete fertilizer into the soil around each plant at transplanting. The use of black mulch and row covers will improve growth..
INSECTS: Flea beetles can be controlled with row covers or applications of Pyrethrin.
DISEASES: Okra is susceptible to Verticillium, Fusarium, and several fungal diseases in wet weather. These can be controlled with proper rotation and good garden sanitation practices.
HARVEST: The pods should be picked when tender and immature, about 2-3 inches long, usually about 4-6 days after flowering. Keep pods removed to encourage flowering. Store at 35°F at 95% relative humidity.
SEED SPECS: Minimum germination standard: 65%. Days to maturity are calculated from date of transplant. Usual seed life: 2 years.