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Grafted Basil Plant-Rapper

Grafted Basil Plant-Rapper


Ocimum basilicum 'Rapper' A slow-flowering, large-leafed basil from Naples, highly valued for its strong flavor. Enormous, thick, savoyed 4-6 inch leaves have a sweet fragrance and spicy, never-bitter taste with a hint of anise. It's traditionally used for basil wraps and provides ample flavor and substance for pestos, but try it for fun as mini soft taco shells! Pest-resistant plants grow vigorously up to 36 inches tall.

Available only within the contiguous US.

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  • YTG131/A
  • Ships first half of April
  • $9.25

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  • Ships last half of April
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  • Ships first half of May
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  • Ships last half of May
  • $9.25
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"Our plants are available individually in 2 1/4 inch pots! At Territorial you don't have to buy 6 plants of each variety. You can mix and match your plants just the way you want.

When you order our transplants, you will receive the same quality and selection that our customers have learned to expect at our retail store. For gardeners who are pressed for time or prefer to have Territorial start their plants, our selection of vegetables, flowers, and herbs is an easy and economical way to fill your garden with summer goodness. Plants are available individually. For the best shipping value, order any combination of 6 plants.

Ship Code:
A Ships first half of April-Order Must Be Received By: March 1
B Ships last half of April-Order Must Be Received By: March 15
C Ships first half of May-Order Must Be Received By: April 1
D Ships last half of May-Order Must Be Received By: May 1
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Available only within the contiguous US.

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