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Perpetual Collection

Perpetual Collection


The ultimate one-bucket food growing kit for a self-reliant future.
The seeds chosen for this collection include 70 open pollinated seed varieties that represent the most dependable, top-performing varieties available in the world today. They have been field grown, evaluated and known to be strong, hardy, and high yielding. Also contains 2 cover crops.
In addition, 2 comprehensive books: Seed to Seed by Susan Ashworth will teach you how to reliably grow, harvest, and save your own seed, and Gardening When it Counts by Steve Solomon, founder of Territorial, will be the perfect guide for growing a sustainable food garden with minimal resources.
Seed saving containers, Mylar bags, and desiccant packaging to keep moisture at bay. Natural fertilizer for productive crops, plant tags, and a permanent marker to keep plantings organized. Territorial's Spring and Winter catalogs will also be included.

For a list of the seed varieties included please click here.

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