Asimina triloba Native to North America and a staple of the Native Americans, these prized fruit are wonderful raw, or in a vast array of recipes from sorbets to beer. The pawpaw's exotic, tropical-tasting, 3-6 inch long fruit has a flavor reminiscent of bananas with a texture that's enticingly smooth and creamy. Exceptionally high in protein, the fruit are also rich in vitamins and minerals. These sturdy, slow growing trees reach a height of 12-15 feet, are naturally disease and pest resistant, and hardy to zone 5. Two varieties are needed for cross pollination.
Shenandoah® Huge fruit weigh up to 1 pound apiece. Ripens mid-season.
Susquehanna® The largest fruit in its class with each weighing over 1 pound. Rich and flavorful with a minimum number of seeds. Ripens late.

Paw paw plants are 1 year old and are shipped at the end of April/beginning of May. Plants are in 4 inch wide by 9 inch deep pots. Detailed planting information and growing instructions are included with each order.

Not available to HI, US Territories, or Canada.

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   Full Sun
Ships end of April/beginning of May
  • XF170/E
  • Susquehanna® ships end of April/early May
  • $26.95

  • XF170/D
  • Shenandoah® ships end of April/early May
  • $26.95

  • XF170/C
  • Shenandoah® & Susquehanna® ships end of April/early May
  • $46.95
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