Onion & Leek Plants

Onion Plants-Northern Collection

Onion Plants-Northern Collection


Long-day varieties. Three of the most popular onions well suited for the long summer days of the Northern gardener: Walla Walla, Redwing (red, globe shaped), and Ringmaster (white, Sweet Spanish type). Each collection contains 1 bunch (50-75 plants) of each variety for a total of 150-225 plants. The cases contain 30 bunches, 10 of each variety.

Onion plants are shipped directly from the grower January through early May, according to where you live.

PLEASE READ: Not available to Hawaii, Idaho, or Canada.
Cases not available to AK.

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   Open Pollinated
   Hybrid Variety
One Collection = 150-225 plants
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  • 1 collection
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  • XN510/D
  • 1 case collection
  • $89.50
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We offer onions in bunches of 4-6 dozen plants. They were started in the fall and dug just prior to shipment. Many onions are day length sensitive. We recommend planting long-day (northern) varieties in states north of the Kansas/Oklahoma border, and planting short-day (southern) varieties south of this line, roughly 36° latitude. Day-neutral or intermediate-day varieties make beautiful globe onions anywhere in the US.

• Onions prefer light, sandy, loamy soils

• Plant your onions 4-6 weeks before the last estimated spring freeze
• Apply 1/4-1/2 cup of TSC's Complete fertilizer per 5 row feet, 1-2 inches below transplant
• Plant the onions 1 inch deep and no deeper, as this will inhibit their ability to bulb
• If you want the onions to grow to maturity, space them 4 inches apart
• If you prefer to harvest some earlier as green onions, space them 2 inches apart and pull every other onion during the growing season, leaving the rest to grow to maturity

Insects & Diseases
Common insects: Onion thrips and maggots
Insect control: Monterey B.t. or Neem oil
Disease prevention: 5-7 year crop rotation

Harvest & Storage
• As bulbs approach maturity, withhold water so protective paper can form
• After about half the tops have fallen, push over the remainder; wait about 1 week then harvest
• Cure in a warm (75-80°F), shaded, well-ventilated location until outer skin and necks are dry
• Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area
• Check occasionally and immediately remove any sprouting or rotting onions