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Myco-Edge Ericoid Myco

Myco-Edge Ericoid Myco


NEW! A specialized selection of fungi that supports blueberries, huckleberries, rhododendrons, kalmia, and azaleas. This granular formula should be worked into the soil at transplant time. Use 1/4-1/2 cup per plant.

Mycorrhizae fungi are soil-dwelling microorganisms that live at plants' roots. They live in unison with the plants, feeding the plants, and in turn, the plants fuel them. This mutually-beneficial relationship results in healthy plants and healthy soil.
Here's how it works: mycorrhizae fungi are minute life forms that ingest organic nutrients in the soil, nutrients that are essential to plants but that first must be broken down for the plants to absorb. The fungi digest and excrete the nutrients, turning them into a usable form for the plants and delivering the nutrition directly to the plants' roots. Carbohydrates from the plants' roots then feed the fungi. This symbiotic relationship and cycle of nutrient and energy exchange is called mycorrhiza. It's from this association that the plants grow bigger root systems and experience increased growth, vigor, disease resistance, drought tolerance, transplant success, and yield.
Many of our modern agricultural practices, including chemical fungicides and fertilizers, have overworked the soil and depleted the mycorrhizal life. Our Myco-Edge products will help re-inoculate, build, and maintain healthy microbial populations.

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