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Merida Carrot Seed Tape

Merida Carrot Seed Tape


240 days. This exciting selection fills a harvest slot all its own. We've spent years looking for an overwintering carrot that can be planted in late September/early October and harvested May through June. This was the first, Merida is a moderately vigorous Nantes type that possesses extraordinarily good resistance to bolting, and produces sweet rich orange carrots 7-8 inches long and 1-1 1/2 inches in diameter. Well suited to spring and summer plantings, too! A carrot juicer's dream.

   Hybrid Variety
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  • ST013/P
  • 3 Tapes
  • $11.95
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"Perfectly straight rows of precisely spaced crops are at your fingertips with Seed Tape. No more fumbling with tiny seeds, struggling over spacing, wasting seed and having to thin seedlings. This biodegradable tape will plant a row 5 meters (15 feet, 5 inches) long. Simply lay it in a furrow and cover with a light layer of sifted compost or soil, water and wait. Save yourself a heap of planting hassle with these popular vegetable staples."