Herb Seed

Herb Collection Seed Disk

Herb Collection Seed Disk


A collection of all six of our herb disks.

Arugula: A cold-tolerant leafy green with a pleasant spicy flavor.
Sweet Basil: A classic culinary sweet basil, indisputably the best for pesto
Chives: A high yielding variety with dark green leaves and a sturdy, upright habit.
Pallas Coriander: An excellent, uniform, vigorous cilantro with dark green leaves. Slow to bolt
Laika Parsley: A smooth, large-leaved, dark green parsley that's high-yielding and quick to grow.
German/Winter Thyme: A time-honored herb for flavoring a multitude of dishes.

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We've selected a collection of our favorite herb varieties and put them into handy, easy to plant, biodegradable disks. Each 10 cm disk is sized just right to conveniently plant in a 4 inch pot. For windowsill, patio and even herb garden planting, lay the disk on the surface of the moistened planting medium and cover lightly. Water and watch your herbs grow. These disks are a great gift or a perfect child's gardening project.
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Not enough detail
Mar 12, 2016  |  By Eadie
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I pulled the package out today to plant the cooler weather disks. There is no variety information or planting instructions. There are germination codes on the back and the instructions tell you to look on the front of the package, but no codes. I know they can't all be the same because basil is not as cold tolerant as the other disks. I will go with my instinct and plant the cooler tolerant disks and see what happens.