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You'll be thunderstruck by the perfectly spherical bursts of blue-violet florets on this 1883 heirloom. The huge 8 inch flower cluster dances 4 feet above the ground. Provides an unequalled and stunning structural element when strategically placed throughout the garden or mass planted. Hardy in zones 4-9. Bulb size: 18+ cm.

Shipped only in the fall-late September or early October, depending on the season. Quantities are limited; order before September 15th for best availability.

Sorry, not available to Canada.

Winter Growing Information

Ships late September to early October
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  • 1 bulb
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  • XB050/E
  • 3 bulbs
  • $28.95

  • XB050/G
  • 6 bulbs
  • $46.95
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Allium spp. Plant Allium bulbs from September through November. Plant the bulb twice as deep as its diameter. Place in an area that receives full sun to light shade and has well drained soil. Space plants 15-18 inches apart. Fertilize with a bulb fertilizer as directed. Amazing additions to flower arrangements. Hardy in zones 4-8.