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Garlic Galore!

Garlic Galore!


Gardeners and gourmands alike love to grow garlic because its appeal in the kitchen is unparalleled. From the ground up, Garlic Galore! contains everything you need to successfully grow, harvest, prepare and store your own homegrown garlic—just add your own seed garlic. The garlic bulb planter makes perfect planting holes to set the cloves in the garden. In the spring use the high-nitrogen blood meal to boost plant growth. In the kitchen your chef will enjoy the handy slicer/shredder. Attractive enough to display on the counter top, the cast iron roaster is just right for turning the bulbs into soft, luscious, spreadable garlic. For storage the mesh bags offer ideal conditions to maximize the shelf life of your harvest. The book, Growing & Using Garlic, will guide you through the entire process and answer all your planting and harvesting questions and even includes a few great recipes!

Accessories: Garlic Bulb Planter, Cast Iron Garlic Roaster, Garlic Slicer/Shredder, Growing & Using Garlic, Bloodmeal (5lbs), and a package of 5 Garlic & Onion bags.

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