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Dahlia Tuber Collection

Dahlia Tuber Collection


Dahlia spp. Be the envy of your neighborhood with traffic-stopping dahlia blooms from July 'til frost! Our friends at The Family Farm in Port Angeles, WA, grow these 6 stunning varieties exclusively for Territorial Seed Company. Each tuber produces a vigorous 3-5 foot plant with massive amounts of 4-7 inch blooms that look just as amazing in a vase as on the plant. Each collection contains 1 tuber each of Caribbean Cocktail (brilliant fuchsia with dark pink splashes), Killie Ann (exquisite white tipped in lemon and lavender), Babylon Bronze (illuminated orange), Ali Opp (raspberry red), Marmalade (smooth apricot), and Harvest Moon (cheery butter yellow)..Hardy in zones 8-10.

Tubers ship from mid-March through mid-May according to where you live.

PLEASE READ: Not available to Canada.

   Full Sun
   Full Shade
Ships mid-March through mid-May.
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Planting Instructions:
Select an area with full sun. Plant tubers after the last frost. Dig a hole 6 inches deep, about a foot across. Lay the tuber flat on the bottom of this hole. The growing point, or “eye” should be facing upward. Cover the tuber. Space tubers 16-20 inches apart. Do not plant in beauty bark or high acid soil. Do not water until the plant is 6 inches above the ground as over watering can rot the tubers.