Conservor Shallot Seeds Conventional & Organic

Conservor Shallot Seeds Conventional & Organic


110 days. A wonderful, savory shallot that is easy to peel and superbly flavored. Elongated bulbs have coppery red skins with cream-colored flesh and lilac interior rings. Conservor is quite versatile and is just as lovely in homemade vinaigrette as it is sautéed and served over your favorite meat dish.
Also available as fall-shipped bulbs.

   Hybrid Variety
Approximately 100 seeds per 1/2 gram.
  • ON537/S
  • 1/2 gram
  • $4.95

  • ON537/L
  • 1/2 gram Organic
  • $6.95

  • ON537/P
  • 2 grams
  • $13.25

  • ON537/M
  • 2 grams Organic
  • $16.45

  • ON537/N
  • 1M Organic
  • $21.35

  • ON537/B
  • 1/4 oz
  • $35.55

  • ON537G1
  • 5M Organic
  • $89.75
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Soil Temp for Germ.Seed DepthSeed SpacingThin Plants ToMin. Germ.Seed LifeSeeds per 1/2 gramSeeds per 1/4 oz
50-85°F1/2"1/2-3/4"2-4"75%1 year≈ 1007

Allium cepa, Aggregatum Group

Days to maturity are calculated from date of direct seeding.

• Shallots prefer light, sandy, loamy soils
• Apply 1/4-1/2 cup of TSC's Complete fertilizer per 5 row feet, 1-2 inches below transplant or seed

Direct Sowing
• Thin to the strongest plant when 4-5 inches

• Sow up to 10-12 seeds in a 4-6 inch pot
• If tops reach over 5 inches before transplant, cut to 3 inches
• When planting out carefully separate the seedlings and place in a shallow trench
• Fill trench around seedlings and water in well

Insects & Diseases
Common insects: Onion thrips and maggots
Insect control: Monterey B.t. or Neem oil
Disease prevention: 5-7 year crop rotation

Harvest & Storage
• As bulbs approach maturity, withhold water so protective paper can form
• Bulbs are ready to harvest when leaves have turned yellow and fall over
• Cure in a warm (75-80°F), shaded, well-ventilated location until outer skin and necks are dry
• Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area
• Check occasionally and immediately remove any sprouting or rotting shallots