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Chicken Of The Woods Plug Spawn

Chicken Of The Woods Plug Spawn


Laetiporus conifericola
Nothing compares to this meaty, tasty mushroom. Gourmet chefs love the light mushroom flavor that tastes distinctly of chicken. Beautiful, streaked, bright orange shelf clusters have ruffled, pale yellow edges and a fleshy body that's tender and delicious. Chicken of the Woods prefers Douglas Fir, Hemlock, and Spruce. Under the right conditions, fruiting will occur in 6-12 months and continue for several years.

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The mycelium in Plug Spawn is certified organic. Inoculate stumps or logs that are not already inhabited by other fungi. It typically takes up to 12 months for your first flush of mushrooms to appear. In most climates, there is a cycle of 4-6 flushes per year.

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