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Black Mulch

Black Mulch


Anxious to plant your garden sooner? Tired of fighting garden weeds? This item is the best basic, all-purpose plastic mulch. Within a week it can warm your soil temperature 7 degrees or more while reducing surface evaporation to conserve water. It blocks light so weeds can't grow underneath. Just lay it over your prepared beds and hold it in place by burying the edges with dirt, or by using fabric staples. When you're ready to set out your transplants, cut an X in the fabric where you want to plant and fold back the corners to expose the soil. This solid sheet of 1 mil plastic is best used with drip irrigation underneath.

  • ZRC802
  • 4' x 20'
  • $13.95

  • ZRC803
  • 4' x 50'
  • $19.95
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