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Arugula Seed Disk

Arugula Seed Disk


A cold-tolerant leafy green with a pleasant spicy flavor.

  • SD001/S
  • 3 Disks
  • $3.95

  • SD001/P
  • 6 Disks
  • $6.95

  • SD001/B
  • 12 Disks
  • $11.95
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We've selected a collection of our favorite herb varieties and put them into handy, easy to plant, biodegradable disks. Each 10 cm disk is sized just right to conveniently plant one of our Herb Pots (ZPT668, sold separately). For windowsill, patio and even herb garden planting, lay the disk on the surface of the moistened planting medium and cover lightly, water and watch your herbs grow. These disks are a great gift or a perfect child's gardening project.