Potting and Seed Starting

Smart Pots

Smart Pots


Have healthier plants with this convenient, space-saving alternative to plastic nursery pots.
This soft-sided, lightweight, non-breakable fabric container has the rigidity to hold its shape and even support trees. The porous material aerates roots, regulates soil temperature and moisture, allowing excess water to evaporate and heat to dissipate. Smart Pots also promote optimum root structure development, far superior and healthier to plants grown in conventional plastic or clay containers. To create a living planter, cut holes in the non-woven, polypropylene material, insert plant, and fill with soil. Great for strawberries, herbs, bedding plants and more. Reusable.
5 Gallon: 12'' diameter x 10'' tall
10 Gallon:16 1/2'' diameter x 11.5'' tall

  • ZPT733
  • 5 gallon
  • $7.95

  • ZPT735
  • 10 gallon
  • $9.95
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