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Garden Combo Inoculant

Garden Combo Inoculant


Will improve the growth and nitrogen-fixing ability of garden, field, and sweet peas, as well as beans, lima beans, fava beans, and vetch. Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed.
Legumes are a very important part of sustainable gardening. When tilled under, they not only add organic matter to your soil, they also add nitrogen. Legumes form a symbiotic relationship with rhizobial bacteria that causes nitrogen from the air to accumulate in nodules on their roots. This nitrogen is then converted into a usable form. Some is used by the legume plant itself and the excess is released into the soil for other plants to use. This entire process is called nitrogen fixing and occurs only if there are sufficient populations of rhizobial bacteria in the soil. Inoculants are live rhizobial bacteria. Dampen seed and coat them with inoculant immediately prior to planting.

  • ZFE266
  • treats 8 lbs
  • $6.95

  • ZFE267
  • treats 50 lbs
  • $9.95
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