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Tufflite IV - Cold Frame & Greenhouse Plastic

Tufflite IV - Cold Frame & Greenhouse Plastic


A must for year-round gardening.
Tufflite provides shelter from excessive rain, wind, and frost, plus it resists cracking and yellowing for up to 4 seasons. Made of extra tough 6 mil copolymer that withstands high winds or heavy snows. We recommend using Tufflite over a frame. The framing you choose can be wood, plastic, or metal. We use a tunnel frame made from 1/2 or 3/4 inch PVC or black poly pipe. Cut ends of pipe at an angle with a hacksaw for easy soil penetration. Tufflite can be held securely to the frame with the ''Garden Clip System''. The sizes of Tufflite offered are for making different sized tunnels.

   Has Extra Shipping Weight
Shipping Weight:
ZRC806 = 4 lbs
ZRC807 = 6 lbs
ZRC808 = 11 lbs
  • ZRC806
  • 6' x 16'
  • $32.50

  • ZRC807
  • 10' x 16'
  • $48.50

  • ZRC808
  • 20' x 16'
  • $78.50
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