Propagation Heat Mats

Propagation Heat Mats


Just warm their feet and new seedlings or cuttings will grow bigger and stronger than their cold-tray cousins. This heat mat provides the even, gentle warmth that encourages successful starts. Comes in 3 convenient sizes with lighting and watering instructions printed directly on the mat for easy reference. Extra space may need to be created between the heat mat and your flat if it is used in a warm room.

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Shipping Weight:
ZGE293 = 3 lbs
ZGE294 = 4 lbs
  • ZGE292
  • 9'' X 20'' 17 watt
  • $34.95

  • ZGE293
  • 21'' X 21'' 45 watt
  • $56.95

  • ZGE294
  • Temporarily Out of Stock
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