Live Red Worms

Live Red Worms


Eisenia fetida. Worms eat half their weight in organic matter every day and provide plenty of nutrient-rich castings for your plants. They can tolerate a wide range of temperatures but are most active between 60-70° F. Plan on needing 500 worms for every non-vegetarian in your home and 1000 worms for every vegetarian. Red worms need the environment of compost to survive and will not thrive in lawns, flower beds, or gardens.
Red Worms are shipped Priority Mail one to two weeks following the week the order is placed. When ordering, please be sure to give us a physical street address where you can receive mail. Someone will need to be there when your package arrives, to prevent damage from excessive heat or cold. Available only within the contiguous US.

  • ZCS195
  • 1000 worms
  • $47.95

  • ZCS196
  • 2000 worms
  • $70.95
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