Earthworms are a garden's best friend!
Earthworms are a natural, living soil conditioner. Through their normal activities they loosen soil, boost nitrogen levels, and improve drainage. Now they are available in a clean and easy to handle form: encapsulated eggs (VermiPods™)! Each VermiPod™ contains at least 1 earthworm egg coated with a layer of protective clay. Simply plant the VermiPods™ as you would any seed, and let nature take over. The worms begin hatching in a few weeks and over time will reproduce and improve the soil. VermiPods™ consist of 5 earthworm species. They have up to a 2 month refrigerated shelf life and recommended spacing of 1 pod per square foot. Approximately 35-40 per 1/3 ounce and 105-120 per ounce. Instructions included.

Available January through May.

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  • ZCS187
  • 1 oz
  • $37.95
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