Rainforest Ecological Sprinkler

Rainforest Ecological Sprinkler


NEW! Save water, money and time!
The unique, heart-shaped design breaks up water droplets into a fine mist, delivering the moisture slowly and preventing runoff. Safe for use on delicate seedlings and flowers, as well as vegetable gardens, lawns, and orchards. Designed with only 1 moving part, so it will last for years. Works with both low and high water pressure (20-80 psi). The spray diameter can be adjusted from 6–50 feet by regulating your faucet. The 2 way spike base is 6 3/8 inches long and allows for multiple sprinklers to be attached in line by a hose (not included). Overall length is 12 inches.

Tripod Sprinkler
Adjusts from 21-36 inches high to spray around taller plants. Legs have stabilizers on each end.

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