Fall & Winter Growing Guides


Winter gardening means different things to different people. In milder areas of the country, many crops thrive in cool damp weather. In other areas, the greenhouse is a winter refuge and can be used to grow a number of crops.

Greenhouse Cucumbers and Tomatoes:
Many gardeners extend their growing season by using greenhouses for fall and winter vegetable production. These structures take many forms, from small and simple to large and elegant. Greenhouse seed varieties are parthenocarpic (do not require pollination to set fruit), and they have been especially developed to resist diseases common to greenhouse environments. These varieties make it easier for the home gardener to enjoy greenhouse-produced vegetables year-round.

Cucumber Disease Resistance Codes

PM = Resistant to Powdery Mildew
S = Resistant to Scab
PAT = Parthenocarpic - Has the ability to set fruit without pollination. Triggered by low temperatures, short day length, and plant age.

Tomato Disease Resistance Codes

F1 = Fusarium Wilt, race 1
F2 = Fusarium Wilt, race 2
N = Nematodes (harmful)
St = Stemphylium
ToMV = Tomato Mosaic Virus, strains 0, 1, and 2
V = Verticillium Wilt, race 1