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Stainless Steel Pail

Stainless Steel Pail


The uses for dairy quality stainless steel pails are endless. If you have critters, you know that durable pails are essential for taking feed and water to the stock. These high quality pails are polished inside and out, are resistant to dents, corrosion, and tarnishing. Plus, they have spot welded ears that provide strong support for the classic handles. Stainless steel is much easier to clean and sanitize than plastic, and won't leach chemicals. Once the chores are done, stop by the flower garden and fill the pail with flowers, and you've got a beautiful, table-ready decoration, at least until tomorrow's chores! Six quart pail measures 8 inches high with a 9 inch diameter, and the 13 quart pail is 10 inches high with an 11 inch diameter.

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Shipping Weight:
ZKT608 = 3 lbs
ZKT609 = 4 lbs
  • ZKT608
  • 6 qt
  • $16.95

  • ZKT609
  • 13 qt
  • $32.95
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