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  • Sugar Baby Watermelon Conventional & Organic

    Sugar Baby Watermelon Conventional & Organic

    80 days. The standard of the icebox melons, Sugar Baby has been a staple at picnics for years. Vines grow to 6 feet and ... 

  • Harvest Moon Watermelon Conventional & Organic

    Harvest Moon Watermelon Conventional & Organic

    85-90 days. One of our prized favorites just got better! At first glance, Harvest Moon and Moon Stars look very similar:... 

  • Orange Crunch Watermelon

    Orange Crunch Watermelon

    75-80 days. Orange Crunch produced one of the biggest melon in our field trials, some topping over 30 pounds! This orang... 

  • Blacktail Mountain Watermelon Organic

    Blacktail Mountain Watermelon Organic

    70-75 days. Developed in Northern Idaho where summer nights dip into the 40s, we can attest to how well Blacktail Mounta... 

  • Sugar Pot Watermelon

    Sugar Pot Watermelon

    78-82 days. Our first patio-friendly watermelon! Sugar Pot is the most compact watermelon plant we've grown. Watermelon ... 

  • Sangria Watermelon

    Sangria Watermelon

    87 days. One of summer's most popular treats grown in your own back yard! Voluptuous, oval fruit reach 20-23 pounds with... 

  • Orchid Sweet Watermelon

    Orchid Sweet Watermelon

    90 days. Growing your own seedless watermelon is possible with Orchid Sweet! This 3-5 pound triploid, or seedless, water... 

  • Mini Love Watermelon

    Mini Love Watermelon

    70 days. If full-sized watermelons are too much to handle or your garden won't accommodate sprawling plants, you're in l... 

  • New Queen Watermelon

    New Queen Watermelon

    80 days. This watermelon brings another color of the rainbow to your fruit plates. New Queen matures early and exhibits ... 

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