Synergistic Corn

Synergistic Corn

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  • Allure Corn

    Allure Corn

    75 days. This impressive corn is a faster-maturing Synergistic bicolor, producing very attractive ears that average 8 in... 

  • Temptress Corn

    Temptress Corn

    NEW! 70 days. We are captivated by this innovative Quadsweet™ variety. Big, early, 8 inch, bicolor, well-filled ears boa... 

  • Sweetness Corn

    Sweetness Corn

    68 days. Our earliest Synergistic variety, befitting its name, Sweetness has the deliciously enticing flavor of summer's... 

  • Inferno Corn

    Inferno Corn

    73 days. A deliciously sweet corn with 16-18 rows of deep, golden yellow kernels on stout, 8 1/2 inch, well-filled ears.... 

  • Espresso Corn

    Espresso Corn

    70 days. One of the fastest synergistic corns we've trialed, Espresso exhibits excellent cold soil emergence and vigor m... 

  • Café Corn

    Café Corn

    68 days. Start the summer off right with this speedy, eye-opener. Café's 7 1/2-8 inch ears are stuffed with 14 ro... 

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