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  • American Giant Sunflower

    American Giant Sunflower

    If this sunflower was any taller, you would need a flashing light on top of it to warn passing airplanes! Not only is th... 

  • Snack Mix Sunflower

    Snack Mix Sunflower

    Doubly delightful, this colorful blend of summer's favorite flower provides a festive display plus a bonus of nutritious... 

  • Mongolian Giant Sunflower

    Mongolian Giant Sunflower

    If bigger is better then everything about this sunflower is great! Enormous, vibrant yellow flower heads span 18 inches ... 

  • Starburst Panache Sunflower

    Starburst Panache Sunflower

    With a style of its own, Starburst Panache literally vaulted into view, outshining other varieties in our sunflower tria... 

  • Waooh Sunflower

    Waooh Sunflower

    This little guy will have you shouting with delight! Reaching only 2-3 feet tall, Waooh is a compact, sturdy, bushy plan... 

  • Cherry Rose Sunflower

    Cherry Rose Sunflower

    A blissful bicolor that's an anxious bloomer. Cherry Rose is a gorgeous blend of rosy-mahogany tipped in sunny lemon wit... 

  • Solar Chocolate Gold Sunflower

    Solar Chocolate Gold Sunflower

    We grow Solar Chocolate Gold in the open fields at our trial grounds, but it stood out to us as the ultimate container s... 

  • Microsun Sunflower

    Microsun Sunflower

    This charming knee-high sunflower is a real favorite in our trials. Microsun produces remarkably uniform, 15-20 inch tal... 

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