Sprouting Seed

Sprouting Seed

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  • Bean Sprout Mix Organic

    Bean Sprout Mix Organic

    This rich, hearty mix of adzuki, mung and green lentil has a sweet, nutty flavor that's great raw or lightly stir-fried ... 

  • Crispy Sprout Mix Organic

    Crispy Sprout Mix Organic

    We've blended protein-packed green peas with paired green and red lentils for satisfying munching in sandwiches, slaws a... 

  • Spicy Sprout Mix Organic

    Spicy Sprout Mix Organic

    Crunchy, nutritious and delicious clover sprouts are punctuated with the zesty, taste bud-tingling flavor of radish. 

  • Alfalfa Sprouting Seed Organic

    Alfalfa Sprouting Seed Organic

    One of the most popular and easiest to sprout. One quarter cup of seed expands into one pint of protein-rich sprouts. Th... 

  • Broccoli Sprouting Seed Organic

    Broccoli Sprouting Seed Organic

    A study conducted by the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine shows the presence of the cancer-fighting compound sulforaphan... 

  • Wheat Sprouting Seed Organic

    Wheat Sprouting Seed Organic

    Barely sprout and toss into your homemade bread dough for a hearty loaf, or let it grow and cut the greens for wheatgras... 

  • Mung Beans Sprouting Seed Organic

    Mung Beans Sprouting Seed Organic

    A favored ingredient for traditional Chinese and Thai dishes. Toss a handful into egg foo yung and pad-thai. Try them in... 

  • Red Clover Sprouting Seed Organic

    Red Clover Sprouting Seed Organic

    Ready to expand your sprout horizon? Like alfalfa sprouts, Red Clover sprouts are sweet and mild, but they're larger and... 

  • Territorial's Sprout Wheel

    Territorial's Sprout Wheel

    An easy to use chart. If you are thinking about adding sprouted seeds to your menus, this is one handy tool. On one c... 

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