Softneck Garlic

Softneck Garlic

Garlic growing has a long tradition throughout the country. All of our garlic, onion, and shallot varieties are untreated and ready to use in the kitchen or plant in the garden.

Garlic is shipped only in the fall-late September or early October, depending on the season. Quantities are limited; order before September 15th for best availability. Sorry, not available to Idaho or Canada.

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  • Susanville Garlic

    Susanville Garlic

    Mid-season. Considered an improved selection of California Early. This popular softneck is white-skinned with some occas... 

  • Polish Softneck Garlic Organic

    Polish Softneck Garlic Organic

    Mid-season. Introduced into North America around 1900, Polish Softneck is larger than most softnecks and has proven to b... 

  • Italian Late Garlic

    Italian Late Garlic

    Mid-season. This popular softneck variety is one of our best-tasting and most pungent cooking types. All of the best qua... 

  • Western Rose Garlic

    Western Rose Garlic

    Late season. A larger relative of Silver Rose, this is one of the longest-storing garlics and a great choice for braidin... 

  • Chinese Pink Garlic

    Chinese Pink Garlic

    Very early season. Garlic lovers rejoice! When fall planted, this extra-early-maturing variety will put fresh garlic bac... 

  • Early Red Italian Garlic Organic

    Early Red Italian Garlic Organic

    Early-season. This mild, artichoke variety originated in southern Italy and produces large heads of creamy, sumptuous g... 

  • Great Garlic Combo

    Great Garlic Combo

    We've made your garlic shopping easy with this combination of two of our most popular and tasty varieties. One each, har... 

  • French Rose Garlic Organic

    French Rose Garlic Organic

    NEW! Early-season. This artichoke-type garlic is an easy one to grow, as it seems less fussy about growing conditions than so... 

  • Inchelium Red Garlic

    Inchelium Red Garlic

    Mid-season. Inchelium Red is a national taste-test winner in the softneck division. This mild flavored garlic is great b... 

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