Snap Peas

Snap Peas

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  • Pea-Ples Choice Mix

    Pea-Ples Choice Mix

    You've asked for it, and here it is. By overwhelming demand, we've assembled a combo of some of our favorites from the 3... 

  • Cascadia Peas Organic

    Cascadia Peas Organic

    60 days. Another great variety bred in the Northwest. This enation-resistant snap pea comes to us from Dr. Jim Baggett a... 

  • PL 141 Peas Conventional & Organic

    PL 141 Peas Conventional & Organic

    NEW! 60 days. An enormous snap pea, these pods reach nearly double the size of Super Sugar Snap in our trials! Strong, vigoro... 

  • Sugar Ann Peas Organic

    Sugar Ann Peas Organic

    55 days. An early and easy-to-grow snap pea. The non-climbing, dwarf vines set an abundant harvest of 2 1/2 inch long, m... 

  • Sugar Magnolia Peas

    Sugar Magnolia Peas

    70 days. This violet-podded snap pea is more than just a looker. At 3-4 inches the pods are deliciously sweet, flavorful... 

  • Sugar Daddy Peas

    Sugar Daddy Peas

    65 days. If you're looking for a genuinely stringless snap pea, Sugar Daddy is your man! The uniform, 24 inch plants are... 

  • Sugar Sprint Peas

    Sugar Sprint Peas

    55 days. This little sprinter races into production, pumping out its delicious, sugary pods! Sugar Sprint is one of the ... 

  • Super Sugar Snap Peas

    Super Sugar Snap Peas

    58 days. If you like Sugar Snap, you'll love Super Sugar Snap! This improved variety sets plumper pods earlier in the se... 

  • Sugar Bon Peas

    Sugar Bon Peas

    56 days. This early, dwarf snap pea is a strong yielder of very sweet and flavorful 3 inch pods. One of the best tasting... 

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