Slicing Cucumbers

Slicing Cucumbers

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  • Saber Cucumber Organic

    Saber Cucumber Organic

    50-55 days. Dark, forest green cucumbers have relatively thick, smooth, protective skin that's peppered lightly with sma... 

  • Summer Dance Cucumbers

    Summer Dance Cucumbers

    65 days. With the crisp, clean flavor that Summer Dance offers, there's no need to look any further for a delicious eati... 

  • Marketmore 97 Cucumbers Organic/Biodynamic

    Marketmore 97 Cucumbers Organic/Biodynamic

    55 days. Developed at Cornell University, Marketmore 97 is a great slicing cucumber, and is one of the most disease-resi... 

  • Raider Cucumbers

    Raider Cucumbers

    52 days. A champion performer in the garden and unquestionable producer of tasty, crisp, and delicious cucumbers. Unifor... 

  • Pepinex Cucumbers

    Pepinex Cucumbers

    65-70 days. Flawless and refined, Pepinex produces premium English-type cucumbers on productive plants. These slender, l... 

  • Tanja Cucumber Organic

    Tanja Cucumber Organic

    65 days. A premium quality, organic, open pollinated cuke for greenhouse or open field cultivation. Tanja produces a con... 

  • Armenian Cucumbers Conventional & Organic

    Armenian Cucumbers Conventional & Organic

    C. melo, Flexuosus Group 60 days. Called snake melons in the Middle East, this cucumber relative develops slightly ribbe... 

  • Patio Snacker Cucumbers

    Patio Snacker Cucumbers

    50-55 days. Whether you are tight for space or just want a terrific container cuke, this one's for you. In our field tri... 

  • Mini Munch Cucumber

    Mini Munch Cucumber

    55 days. Super snackable! Mini Munch is crisp and delicious with tender skin and seedless, juicy interior. The rich gree... 

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