Seed Starting Equipment

Seed Starting Equipment

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  • Soil Thermometer

    Soil Thermometer

    Know when to plant. At Territorial, we believe proper soil temperature is a critical element of a gardener's success.... 

  • Waterproof Pocket Soil Thermometer

    Waterproof Pocket Soil Thermometer

    This digital thermometer fits in your pocket and will give you a quick, accurate reading. The display includes min/max f... 

  • Seed Cleaning Screens

    Seed Cleaning Screens

    A must have accessory when saving your own seed. Cleaning seed is an integral part of seed saving. Our screens will m... 

  • Grafting Clips

    Grafting Clips

    These silicone grafting clips keep the scion securely attached to the rootstock, ensuring a successful graft. Approximat... 

  • Electra-Grow Heat Mats

    Electra-Grow Heat Mats

    Holds a steady 70°F temperature. The thermostatically controlled rubber mat fits inside a wire frame. Plug it in, an... 

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