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Seasonal Products

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  • Derby Day Cabbage

    Derby Day Cabbage

    (Golden Acre) 58 days. This Territorial-selected strain grows very rapidly in the chill of spring, and can hold up to 5 ... 

  • Murdoc Cabbage Organic

    Murdoc Cabbage Organic

    85 days. An unusual pointed head cabbage that can grow to 8 inches across at the base. Its unique, medium green cone-hea... 

  • Tundra Cabbage

    Tundra Cabbage

    180-220 days. Famous in England for one of the longest harvest periods of any winter cabbage. This slightly savoyed gree... 

  • January King Cabbage

    January King Cabbage

    160-210 days. Developed in northern Europe, January King is a very winter-hardy cultivar. The green, slightly flattened ... 

  • Autumn Into Winter Harvest Cabbage Blend

    Autumn Into Winter Harvest Cabbage Blend

    Harvest mid-July to December. This unique mix of ballheads and sweet savoys will allow for fresh sweet cabbage harvests ... 

  • Farao Cabbage Conventional & Organic

    Farao Cabbage Conventional & Organic

    NEW! 65 days. Farao's deep green heads are nicely nestled in its protective outer leaves. Farao will remain in the garden for... 

  • Winter Meets Spring Harvest Cabbage Blend

    Winter Meets Spring Harvest Cabbage Blend

    Harvest September to mid March. These cold hardy selections were bred in northern Europe specifically for harvesting in ... 

  • Mandy Cabbage Organic

    Mandy Cabbage Organic

    105 days. This late-maturing cabbage produces tight, uniform, slightly flattened heads up to 10 pounds or more. Dark gre... 

  • Integro Cabbage Organic

    Integro Cabbage Organic

    NEW! 85–90 days. This very attractive cabbage has compact plants with uniform, medium-sized heads that weigh around 3-4... 

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