Season Extenders

Season Extenders

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  • Silver Mulch

    Silver Mulch

    Drives bugs away! This amazing plastic mulch repels hungry, disease-carrying insects. The shimmering silver, high-den... 

  • Gro-Therm Perforated Transparent Film

    Gro-Therm Perforated Transparent Film

    Heat-loving plants rejoice! Designed to warm up the growing environment for heat-loving crops like melons, eggplants,... 

  • Black Mulch

    Black Mulch

    Anxious to plant your garden sooner? Tired of fighting garden weeds? This item is the best basic, all-purpose plastic mu... 

  • Tufflite IV - Cold Frame & Greenhouse Plastic

    Tufflite IV - Cold Frame & Greenhouse Plastic

    A must for year-round gardening. Tufflite provides shelter from excessive rain, wind, and frost, plus it resis... 

  • Reemay


    We have sold Reemay for decades, and its reputation and name recognition are well known to home gardeners. Weighing in a... 

  • Summer Insect Barrier

    Summer Insect Barrier

    Keep unwanted insects out. This lightweight fabric provides an effective screen to reduce damage from flea beetles, t... 

  • Grow Guard 20

    Grow Guard 20

    At 0.6 ounce per square yard, Grow Guard 20 is less abrasive to young plants than Reemay. This polypropylene fabric allo... 

  • Frost Blanket

    Frost Blanket

    Works like a warm winter coat protecting plants down to 24-26 °F. Cover plants before the frost comes, and uncover ... 

  • Micromesh


    Ultra fine, 0.6 millimeter, UV stabilized floating row cover keeps out the smallest of insects. The greenish-yellow tint... 

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