Season Extenders

Season Extenders

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  • Fleece Tunnel

    Fleece Tunnel

    The simplest and most effective plant protection system. Cover an entire 10 foot row of crops and protect them... 

  • Shade Cloth

    Shade Cloth

    Whether protecting your greenhouse, hoop row covers, or shading a patio area, shade cloth is a very useful product. Ours... 

  • Weedblock Ground Cover Mulch

    Weedblock Ground Cover Mulch

    Eliminates weeding problems! WeedBlock is truly porous, letting water and liquid fertilizers penetrate more rapidly a... 

  • Biodegradable Paper Mulch

    Biodegradable Paper Mulch

    Dealing with weeds and maintaining organic standards can mean a lot of back-breaking work. Plastic mulches are effective... 

  • Garden Bio-Film

    Garden Bio-Film

    Finally, a 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable mulching film! Garden Bio-Film is made from cornstarch and other ... 

  • WeedGuard Plus®

    WeedGuard Plus®

    A biodegradable paper mulch. WeedGuard Plus® is a water permeable, biodegradable, brown paper mulch that suppresse... 

  • Brown Mulch

    Brown Mulch

    The great innovation in film mulches. Brown mulch provides more effective weed control than green mulch and warms the... 

  • Red Mulch

    Red Mulch

    Increases tomato yields! Agricultural plastics technology has been brought to a new level by the US Department of Agr... 

  • IRT-76 Green Mulch

    IRT-76 Green Mulch

    For earlier and heavier melon and cucumber yields. Developed at the University of New Hampshire to significantly incr... 

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