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  • Vegetable Spaghetti Squash Conventional & Organic

    Vegetable Spaghetti Squash Conventional & Organic

    C. pepo 100 days. A unique squash that deserves a place in your garden and at your dinner table. Harvest the 5-8 inch fr... 

  • Sweet Mama Squash

    Sweet Mama Squash

    NEW! 100 days. We've been looking for a superior kabocha for years and are happy to have landed on Sweet Mama. It's a unique ... 

  • Autumn's Choice Squash

    Autumn's Choice Squash

    C. moschata 85-90 days. This unusually colorful butternut is pretty enough to show off in autumn displays but still boas... 

  • Celebration Squash

    Celebration Squash

    C. pepo 80 days. Celebration ranks among the best acorn squashes for taste. Beautifully uniform fruit measure 4 i... 

  • Honeyboat Squash Organic

    Honeyboat Squash Organic

    NEW! C. pepo 100 days. We've definitely got a soft spot for Delicatas, and Honeyboat is a shoe-in for a new-found favo... 

  • Butterbaby Squash

    Butterbaby Squash

    NEW! C. moschata 105-110 days. These irresistible personal-sized butternuts are deliciously sweet and rich flavored. U... 

  • Mashed Potatoes Squash

    Mashed Potatoes Squash

    NEW! 100-110 days. A pure white acorn! Such a unique twist on standard acorn squash, Mashed Potatoes has ivory flesh that's s... 

  • Bush Delicata Squash Conventional & Organic

    Bush Delicata Squash Conventional & Organic

    C. pepo 80 days. This AAS winner has a tidy bush habit that spreads only about 4-6 feet. The 1 1/2-2 pound oblong-shaped... 

  • Butterkin Squash

    Butterkin Squash

    C. moschata 100 days. Taking the gardening and gourmet markets by storm, this new butternut cross has the flavor of a bu... 

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