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  • Music Garlic

    Music Garlic

    Mid-season, Porcelain type. Music hits the top of the charts when it comes to yields. In trials at Michigan State Univer... 

  • Italian Late Garlic

    Italian Late Garlic

    Mid-season, Artichoke type. This popular softneck variety is one of our best-tasting and most pungent cooking types. All... 

  • Duganski Garlic

    Duganski Garlic

    Mid-season, Purple Stripe type. A stunningly beautiful garlic with large bulbs and an amazing flavor that matches its lo... 

  • Great Garlic Combo

    Great Garlic Combo

    We've made your garlic shopping easy with this combination of two of our most popular and tasty varieties. One each, har... 

  • Chinese Pink Garlic

    Chinese Pink Garlic

    Very early-season, Turban type. When fall planted, this extra-early-maturing variety will put fresh garlic back into you... 

  • Siberian Garlic

    Siberian Garlic

    Mid-season, Purple Stripe type. A top-notch producer in cold climates, Siberian deserves consideration for all northern ... 

  • Western Rose Garlic

    Western Rose Garlic

    Late-season, Silverskin type. A larger relative of Silver Rose, this is one of the longest-storing garlics and a great c... 

  • Plant-Garlic Geisha Chives

    Plant-Garlic Geisha Chives

    Allium tuberosum Bring elegance and style to the culinary herb garden or ornamental container with this attractiv... 

  • Nira Garlic Chives Organic

    Nira Garlic Chives Organic

    90 days. Allium tuberosum The most vigorous chive in our trials, Nira produces 16 inch tall tufts of flattened, d... 

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