Romaine Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce

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  • Olga Lettuce Organic

    Olga Lettuce Organic

    65 days. Olga embodies the best of a butterhead and romaine in one delicious lettuce. It boasts large, gorgeous, fleshy ... 

  • Marshall Lettuce Organic & Pelleted

    Marshall Lettuce Organic & Pelleted

    65 days. Truly different-the deepest, darkest, red romaine that we have trialed. Gazing into the heart of this romaine i... 

  • Dazzle Lettuce

    Dazzle Lettuce

    35 days. A ruby-red Little Gem-type lettuce! A palm-sized, mini romaine with succulent leaves and a well-filled heart, D... 

  • Spretnak Lettuce Organic & Pelleted

    Spretnak Lettuce Organic & Pelleted

    45-55 days. Filling a window between Little Gem and Valmaine in both size and maturity, Spretnak rounds out your romaine... 

  • Tantan Lettuce Organic

    Tantan Lettuce Organic

    50-55 days. With a unique structure and habit reminiscent of a flowering cabbage, this handsome and unusually shaped rom... 

  • Truchas Lettuce Organic & Pelleted

    Truchas Lettuce Organic & Pelleted

    45-55 days. Truchas is the most strikingly red, smaller statured romaine types we've trialed. These breathtaking plants ... 

  • Coastal Star Lettuce Organic

    Coastal Star Lettuce Organic

    57 days. A remarkably stately, tall romaine with heavy, deep green heads that reach 10 inches high and 7 inches wide. Th... 

  • Breen Lettuce

    Breen Lettuce

    50 days. A perfectly-formed, petite, red romaine. Even as the fall season brings shorter days, Breen produces an impress... 

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