Romaine Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce

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  • Eiffel Tower Lettuce Organic

    Eiffel Tower Lettuce Organic

    65 days. This refined romaine has an unusually tall and cylindrical shape that's picturesque in the garden. Eiffel Tower... 

  • Rainier Lettuce Organic & Pelleted

    Rainier Lettuce Organic & Pelleted

    NEW! 77 days. A monumental romaine, Rainier produces big, heavy heads over 12 inches tall with a dense interior and super cri... 

  • Winter Density Lettuce Organic

    Winter Density Lettuce Organic

    54 days. Winter Density is an early, compact romaine. Its dark green leaves with an upright growth habit build an 8 inch... 

  • Valmaine Lettuce Organic/Biodynamic & Pelleted

    Valmaine Lettuce Organic/Biodynamic & Pelleted

    75 days. A flavorful romaine with very thick and meaty, emerald green leaves. The best choice for traditional Caesar sal... 

  • Little Gem Lettuce Organic/Biodynamic & Pelleted

    Little Gem Lettuce Organic/Biodynamic & Pelleted

    75 days. We have sold Little Gem for over 20 years, and it still remains a staff favorite! English greengrocers offer th... 

  • Devil's Tongue Lettuce Organic

    Devil's Tongue Lettuce Organic

    55 days. This unique romaine has a dramatic red coloration befitting its rich flavor. Older leaves blush from light gree... 

  • Flashy Trout's Back Lettuce Organic & Pelleted

    Flashy Trout's Back Lettuce Organic & Pelleted

    55 days. This beautiful variety steals all the attention in the salad garden. In Europe, this Austrian heirloom is calle... 

  • Outredgeous Lettuce Organic

    Outredgeous Lettuce Organic

    52 days. Outredgeous is a wonderful, stout-growing variety that can be harvested either as a baby lettuce or allowed to ... 

  • Bullet Lettuce Organic

    Bullet Lettuce Organic

    50 days. Bullet is a healthy, vigorously growing romaine that is very sweet, crunchy, and succulent. Wide, upright, dark... 

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