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  • Magic Lantern Pumpkin

    Magic Lantern Pumpkin

    C. pepo 95 days. One of our best discoveries for Halloween pumpkins. Its heavy crown set will give you an early crop in ... 

  • Lil' Pump-Ke-Mon Pumpkin

    Lil' Pump-Ke-Mon Pumpkin

    C. pepo 100 days. We are enamored by these delightful, dwarf pumpkins. The adorable, cheery fruit sport bone white rind... 

  • Baby Boo Pumpkin

    Baby Boo Pumpkin

    C. pepo 100 days. One of our most fun varieties to grow, Baby Boo produces bone-white mini pumpkins that are as enjoyabl... 

  • Orange Cutie Pumpkin

    Orange Cutie Pumpkin

    C. maxima 100 days. A pumpkin really can't get any cuter than this! Mini, bright orange fruit are highlighted with pale,... 

  • Orange Rave Pumpkin

    Orange Rave Pumpkin

    C. pepo 105 days. Orange Rave is a hefty, rotund pumpkin with a dark orange rind and just enough ribbing. These well-for... 

  • Big Doris Pumpkin

    Big Doris Pumpkin

    C. pepo 100-105 days. Big Doris dwarfs the average jack-o-lantern pumpkin by nearly double. At 40 pounds, she's magn... 

  • Winter Luxury Pumpkin Conventional & Organic

    Winter Luxury Pumpkin Conventional & Organic

    C. pepo 105 days. In search of the ultimate pie pumpkin, we grew extensive 'pie-class' trials and held a blind taste-off... 

  • Mrs Wrinkles Pumpkin

    Mrs Wrinkles Pumpkin

    C. pepo 100 days. Chunky and brimming with personality, Mrs. Wrinkles is the ideal jack-o-lantern pumpkin. Her deeply cr... 

  • Beppo Pumpkin

    Beppo Pumpkin

    C. pepo 100 days. This dual-purpose pumpkin has delicious, nutritious seeds, and it's decorative too! Beppo holds masse... 

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