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  • Fairytale Pumpkin

    Fairytale Pumpkin

    C. moschata 110 days. An unusual French heirloom, Fairytale has a deeply lobed, slightly squat shape and a magnificent m... 

  • Small Sugar Pumpkin Conventional & Organic

    Small Sugar Pumpkin Conventional & Organic

    C. pepo 110 days. An heirloom, Small Sugar pumpkins have very smooth textured, bright orange flesh and the finest flavor... 

  • Howden Pumpkin

    Howden Pumpkin

    C. pepo 110 days. Howden is the traditional old-time Halloween favorite. The 10-15 pound, intensely bright orange pumpki... 

  • Full Moon Pumpkin

    Full Moon Pumpkin

    C. maxima 110–115 days. As luminous and big as the full moon, this enormous, white pumpkin will eclipse all other... 

  • Neon Pumpkin

    Neon Pumpkin

    C. pepo 80 days. We saw Neon glowing orange in our pumpkin trials far earlier than any other variety. Ripening extra ear... 

  • Cinderella Pumpkin Conventional & Organic

    Cinderella Pumpkin Conventional & Organic

    (Rouge vif d'Etampes) C. maxima 110 days. This centuries-old French heirloom pumpkin looks just like the coach in the fa... 

  • Jack Be Little Pumpkin

    Jack Be Little Pumpkin

    C. pepo 105 days. Terrific for decorations and eating. These charming little orange pumpkins are 3-4 inches across, some... 

  • Knucklehead Pumpkin

    Knucklehead Pumpkin

    C. pepo 105 days. Hefty fruit average 12-16 pounds with a well-proportioned, slightly elongated shape, 12 inches high a... 

  • Dill's Atlantic Giant Pumpkin

    Dill's Atlantic Giant Pumpkin

    C. maxima 110 days. Mammoth and colossal don't begin to describe this one. The granddaddy of them all, Dill's Atlantic G... 

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