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  • Shirley Double Poppy

    Shirley Double Poppy

    Papaver rhoeas This 2-3 foot poppy is truly a prize. Bears mostly double 3-4 inch crinkly blossoms in bright red,... 

  • Falling In Love Poppy

    Falling In Love Poppy

    Papaver rhoeas It will be love at first sight with these beauties. Held atop 30-inch stems, the delicate, semi-do... 

  • Jimi's Flag Mix Poppy Organic

    Jimi's Flag Mix Poppy Organic

    NEW! Papaver somniferum A psychedelic blend of reds, purples, pinks and whites with lots of multi-hued blooms. Easy to... 

  • Jimi's Snowflakes Poppy Organic

    Jimi's Snowflakes Poppy Organic

    NEW! Papaver somniferum Out of this world beauty. Shredded petals in crystalline white. Easy to grow breadseed poppies... 

  • Jimi's Purple Haze Poppy Organic

    Jimi's Purple Haze Poppy Organic

    NEW! Papaver somniferum Electrifying bicolor combination of brilliant purple on mellow lilac. Easy to grow breadseed p... 

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