Poppy, California

Poppy, California

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  • Poppy-California Mission Bells

    Poppy-California Mission Bells

    Eschscholzia californica Semi-double mix of pretty bicolored flowers in orange, red, white and gold. Attractive, finely ... 

  • Poppy-Thai Silk Formula Mix

    Poppy-Thai Silk Formula Mix

    Eschscholzia californica This mix is the fanciest of the California poppies. The flowers are semi-double with fluted pet... 

  • Poppy-California Orange

    Poppy-California Orange

    Eschscholzia californica This is the true orange California Poppy. Although common, this is a favorite of gardeners thro... 

  • Poppy-XL Jelly Beans

    Poppy-XL Jelly Beans

    By far one of the brightest, most irresistible of the California poppies that we've grown. Absolutely bursting with vibr... 

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