Pole Beans

Pole Beans

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  • Golden Gate Bean

    Golden Gate Bean

    66 days. Usher in the pole bean season with this amazingly productive Romano. Large, flattened, sunny yellow pods are se... 

  • Rattlesnake Bean

    Rattlesnake Bean

    75-80 days. Your cache of Rattlesnake will take you from summer through winter with delicious beans. First as a tender, ... 

  • Carminat Bean

    Carminat Bean

    60-65 days. The most visually stunning bean in our trials, Carminat's magnificent plants reach 8 feet or taller with eme... 

  • Monte Cristo Bean

    Monte Cristo Bean

    71 days. Thanks to advancements in pole bean breeding, Monte Cristo is a new generation of the ever-popular Blue Lake ty... 

  • Limka Bean Organic

    Limka Bean Organic

    75-80 days. Romano-type beans have an edge on other beans when it comes to flavor, and Limka is a perfect example. This ... 

  • Seychelles Bean Conventional & Organic

    Seychelles Bean Conventional & Organic

    55-65 days. One of the earliest, tastiest and productive pole beans we've grown. Seychelles starts out early and strong.... 

  • Vegetable Trellises

    Vegetable Trellises

    Give your garden a lift! Adding a whole new concept to vertical gardening, these ladder-like trellises do a remarkabl... 

  • Stretch Tie

    Stretch Tie

    Plant-tying tape. This handy roll of stretch tie is perfect to carry in your pocket as you tend your garden. Probably... 

    Sold out for 2019
  • Trellis Netting

    Trellis Netting

    Harvest your vegetables with ease! Peas, beans, and cucumbers are among many crops that will benefit from this large,... 

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