Pickling Cucumbers

Pickling Cucumbers

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  • Excelsior Cucumbers Organic

    Excelsior Cucumbers Organic

    50 days. Beautiful, emerald-green cukes have exquisite flavor—perfect for fresh eating or pickling. The prolific, ... 

  • Bush Pickle Cucumbers

    Bush Pickle Cucumbers

    45-50 days. A mini plant with major production. Bush Pickle bends the cucumber rules by not vining out and gobbling up g... 

  • Wautoma Cucumbers Organic

    Wautoma Cucumbers Organic

    60 days. An early, very productive pickling cucumber, Wautoma is a consistent standout in our trials. Developed by the U... 

  • Homemade Pickles Cucumbers

    Homemade Pickles Cucumbers

    60 days. The vigorous 5 foot vines exhibit excellent disease resistance, and yield armloads of solid, crisp cucumbers. P... 

  • Double Yield Cucumbers Organic

    Double Yield Cucumbers Organic

    52 days. There couldn't be a more appropriate name for this industrious cucumber. Its productivity is unmatched, and it'... 

  • Alibi Cucumbers

    Alibi Cucumbers

    50 days. Poised to meet your pickling needs at its mature 3-4 inch length, this early cucumber can be picked even sooner... 

  • McPick Cucumbers

    McPick Cucumbers

    65 days. The crunchiest pickler with deep green, sleek skin and buff-colored spines. McPick reliably bears loads of cucu... 

  • Diamant Cucumbers

    Diamant Cucumbers

    47 days. An early gherkin for anxious picklers. These outstanding, uniform pickling cukes congregate on hard-working, di... 

  • Bushy Cucumbers

    Bushy Cucumbers

    45-50 days. Earning its name from its relatively compact habit, Bushy's vines stay at a manageable 5 feet long for tight... 

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