Lettuce - Organic

Lettuce - Organic

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  • Wild Garden Lettuce Mix Organic

    Wild Garden Lettuce Mix Organic

    30-50 days. Instant lettuce diversity for cut salads or fresh market sales. This mix is a vast assortment of literally d... 

  • Crisp Mint Lettuce Organic

    Crisp Mint Lettuce Organic

    60-65 days. This big, bold, romaine-type lettuce stands out in the salad garden not only for its impressive structure, b... 

  • Chicken Chow Lettuce Mix Organic

    Chicken Chow Lettuce Mix Organic

    Why not feed your feathered friends a healthy, wholesome meal? Direct sow this nutritious blend of organic lettuce in an... 

  • Merlot Lettuce Organic

    Merlot Lettuce Organic

    55 days. Striking, deep dark red, almost purple frilly leaves. A real eye-catcher in the garden and one of the darkest l... 

  • Mascara Lettuce Organic

    Mascara Lettuce Organic

    48 days. A very uniform, dark red oak leaf type. It is the standard that all red oaks must go up against, and it's hard ... 

  • Olga Lettuce Organic

    Olga Lettuce Organic

    NEW! 65 days. Olga embodies the best of a butterhead and romaine in one delicious lettuce. It boasts large, gorgeous, fleshy ... 

  • Marshall Lettuce Organic

    Marshall Lettuce Organic

    65 days. Truly different-the deepest, darkest, red romaine that we have trialed. Gazing into the heart of this romaine i... 

  • Flashy Butter Oak Lettuce Organic

    Flashy Butter Oak Lettuce Organic

    54 days. Truly a masterpiece with an exquisite melding of shape, color, taste, texture and form. Compact plants have sli... 

  • Superior 1 Lettuce Organic

    Superior 1 Lettuce Organic

    NEW! 60 days. Proving its superior performance in our lettuce trials, this organic selection is true to its name. This first-... 

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