Kale - Organic

Kale - Organic

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  • Wild Garden Kale Organic

    Wild Garden Kale Organic

    30 days. A fabulous array of Siberian kales, it delivers a multitude of unique leaf shapes from delicate waves to tight ... 

  • White Russian Kale Organic

    White Russian Kale Organic

    B. oleracea var. fimbriata 50 days. A sister variety of Red Russian, it has the same moderately dissected and frilled l... 

  • Red Russian Kale Organic

    Red Russian Kale Organic

    B. oleracea var. fimbriata 55 days. Red Russian is considered to be highly nutritious with powerful antioxidant properti... 

  • Red Ursa Kale Organic

    Red Ursa Kale Organic

    B. napus 65 days. Bred by seedsman Frank Morton of Gathering Together Farm, Red Ursa was selected among the 5 Best New I... 

  • Red Ruffled Kale Organic

    Red Ruffled Kale Organic

    50 days. A real painter's palate of red on green hues and oak leaf shapes. Ruffled, open, 12 inch heads have differing d... 

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