Gourmet Greens - Organic

Gourmet Greens - Organic

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  • Brightest Brilliant Rainbow Quinoa Organic

    Brightest Brilliant Rainbow Quinoa Organic

    Chenopodium quinoa 90-120 days. This ancient Andean staple has witnessed a boom of worldwide interest due to its robust ... 

  • Grazia Arugula Organic

    Grazia Arugula Organic

    Diplotaxis tenuifolia 50 days. An outstanding wild arugula with a compact growth habit, excellent bolt-resistance... 

  • Benefine Endive Organic

    Benefine Endive Organic

    Cichorium endivia 75 days. This Tres Fin type endive flaunts dense heads of finely cut, succulent leaves. The fro... 

  • Nettuno Sugarloaf Radicchio Organic

    Nettuno Sugarloaf Radicchio Organic

    NEW! 80 days. This sugarloaf produces dense, cylindrical heads of sweet, succulent greens balanced with a light touch of bitt... 

  • Fenice Castelfranco Radicchio Organic

    Fenice Castelfranco Radicchio Organic

    NEW! 65 days. Light green, serrated-edged leaves are speckled in splashes of ruby, and wrap to form tight, dense heads that u... 

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