Orange Flesh Melons

Orange Flesh Melons

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  • Home Run Melon

    Home Run Melon

    82 days. A true crowd-pleaser, Home Run is a winner in the garden with the sweet taste of summer. Rich, perfumed flesh i... 

  • Alvaro Melon

    Alvaro Melon

    65 days. A French Charentais type of melon, Alvaro packs a delectable, true cantaloupe flavor and was one of the earlies... 

  • Halona Melon

    Halona Melon

    72 days. This eastern style muskmelon caught our eye and excited our palates with its succulent, bright orange flesh and... 

  • Minnesota Midget Melon Conventional & Organic

    Minnesota Midget Melon Conventional & Organic

    65-70 days. This exquisite heirloom produces a bounty of early, and true to its name, mini cantaloupes. Fruit measure 4-... 

  • Athena Melon

    Athena Melon

    75 days. This proven cantaloupe is a best seller and a favorite among gardeners and growers across the US. Athena consis... 

  • Papayadew Melon

    Papayadew Melon

    80 days. This sublime melon is disguised as a common honeydew, but inside, its rich coral flesh has a flavor of the trop... 

  • Tasty Bites Melon

    Tasty Bites Melon

    70-80 days. Sometimes the best things come in small packages, and that's definitely true with Tasty Bites. Delightfu... 

  • Superstar Melon

    Superstar Melon

    86 days. If a big melon is what you're after, Superstar is the one for you. Tipping the scales at 6-8 pounds apiece, the... 

  • Sugar Cube Melon

    Sugar Cube Melon

    80 days. A small melon with a whopping big taste! Coarsely netted, round, 2 pound fruit have juicy, deep orange flesh wi... 

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