Swiss Chard Seed

Swiss Chard Seed

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  • Rhubarb Swiss Chard Seed Tape

    Rhubarb Swiss Chard Seed Tape

    60 days. This easy-growing Swiss chard produces tasty, glossy green leaves with red veining on stunning crimson stalks. ... 

  • Perpetual Swiss Chard

    Perpetual Swiss Chard

    50 days. Extremely resistant to bolting, so you can feast on these dark green succulent leaves and white stalks the enti... 

  • Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard

    Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard

    60 days. A staple for delicious fresh greens since the 1920s, this mammoth strain easily reaches a full 2 feet tall, eas... 

  • Lyon Swiss Chard

    Lyon Swiss Chard

    50 days. Lyon proved to be one of the best tasting Swiss chards in our trials. The glowing, lime-green leaf color contra... 

  • Bright Lights Swiss Chard

    Bright Lights Swiss Chard

    60 days. Individual stems are red, yellow, orange, gold, or white, and together they create a visual feast in your ornam... 

  • Golden Swiss Chard Organic

    Golden Swiss Chard Organic

    60 days. Add a flash of gold to your salads. This specialty heirloom strain starts out as emerald green baby leaves with... 

  • Rhubarb Swiss Chard Organic

    Rhubarb Swiss Chard Organic

    60 days. The thick and fleshy red stalks are 2 inches across at the base. Rhubarb's deeply savoyed, rich dark green leav... 

  • Electric Neon Swiss Chard Blend

    Electric Neon Swiss Chard Blend

    60 days. Research has shown that Swiss chard leaves contain at least 13 different antioxidants! Plug into the health ben... 

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